Halla Bol season - II

Awareness generation drive of Women Safety Security, Self Defence, Cyber Safety for women, Drug Free and Healthy Life in Anganwadis, Schools, Colleges, Organisations, Corporates, Clubs in Gujarat.

Past 2 years in August the Gujarat Government Celebrates Women Empowerment fortnight. So this time we planned to celebrate Halla Bol season 2 in August across Gujarat


5th August Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar

8th August Nadiad, Anand, Vadodara

9th August Bharuch, Surat

10th and 11th August remaining cities of Gujarat

12th August Rajkot

As we all know that today for a healthy and prosperous society, community and country it has become utmost important that the women in society feel safe, secured and are treated equally. The govt has put in various measures to ensure it but without the co-operation of citizens it can not be achieved. It has become vimp that now Organizations take the lead in becoming change makers  as well as play important role for progressive mindset change and molding the society to achieve this objective.

What is Halla Bol ?

It is an event where on a single day approx 1000+ Schools, Colleges, Organisations, Corporates, Clubs would be given 50 minutes of presentation on 1091, its various services, Women Safety & Security, Self Defence, Drug Free & Healthy Life.

Why Halla Bol ?

1.       To create a Buzz and then a Bang. So that whole of Gujarat comes to know about Women Safety Security, Mental Drill, Self Defence, Drug Free and Healthy life.

2.        To create awareness about ,Healthy living and awareness about drug abuse and self defence..

3. Women Safety Security and self defence , drug awreness and healthy campus Sensitization

More info Call on 9537771091

For Free registration of School/College/Universities/Corporates/Clubs/

Institutes/Oganizations/MSMS/SME http://policeheart.com/Hallabol-registration/

On 9th October 2014 we had successfully celebrated Halla Bol season I. Whose details are below. Now we plan to celebrate Halla Bol season II all over Gujarat. As always the practice that the next event should be bigger and better. So for this event Halla Bol season II would be bigger and better then Halla Bol season I

Event Flow of Halla Bol season 2 (approx 50 minutes)

Halla Bol Challenge - Push-ups. Plank and Arm Wrestling

Digital certificates of Halla Bol Challenge to participants who have registered online

All winners would get Halla Bol Challenge Certificate and from each challenge the Champion and Runner up would get a trophy.

 All volunteers would be given Certificate of Appreciation

For more info call on 9537771091 or mail on info@wajraoforce.com


Details of Halla Bol Season I

Celebrated on 9th October 2014

Women Safety Security Day by doing Halla Bol Event

Suraksha Setu society and  PoliceHEART 1091 celebrated 9th October as Women Safety Security Day. by doing an event Halla Bol. Thru this event we wanted to generate awareness of Women Safety Security and 1091 woman safety line services.

PoliceHEART 1091 was taken up as a pilot project to rescue women from an emergency situation like Rape, Molestation, Kidnapping, Domestic Violence, Eve-teasing etc..

PoliceHEART - Awareness generation and Capacity building

Past 16 mths under Suraksha Setu Society as well as voluntarily lot of activities are being done for generation of PoliceHEART awareness like workshops, seminars, stalls at college festivals, schools, Industry Associations, Women Groups, Clubs, etc. Doing rallies, road shows, walkathon etc. Putting of Hoardings, Banners, Stickers on roads, gardens AMTS, BRTS buses, Malls, Multiplexes. IAS, IPS, Police officials, Corporates and NGos also actively promote and participate. Doing specific events like "Suraksha Bandh, Defence O Dance, Tug Of War, A war for women Safety & Empowerment, Halla Bol season-I" . This drive has greatly helped to generate awareness but the recall is quiet poor. So it is vimp that more activities are required to be done so that there is high recall rate.

Other than saving/rescuing women in Emergency Situation. PoliceHEART 1091 has played a very important role in building and effective Eco- System for Women Safety and Security

their opinion,  with tremendous family and community  support. They have also started standing up and speaking up for others Which is a very positive step for creating a healthy, safe and secure society.

Where was it done

1. In 350+ institutes, schools, colleges, organizations, associations, clubs, corporates across Ahmedabad on 9th October 2014
Approx sessions were more then 425+
Approx audience were more then 1.10 Lakh+
Few institutes had  smart classes so there was wider coverage

2. In 50+ Municipal Schools by KU Band thru  BISAG

3. In Morning at approx 7:30hrs motor cycle rally by Harley Davidson Biker riders Club members and then flying a 7 feet big Halla Bol Kite at St. Kabir School with dignitaries and  students was done

4. Dr. S.K. Nanda IAS (Addl Chief Secretary, Home Dept)
Dr. Meera Ramnivas IPS  (IGP  CID-Crime)

Shri Anil Pratham, IPS  (IGP Women Cell-CID crime)
Smt. Leelaben Ankoliya (Chairperson State Mahila Aayog)

Had been present in different institutes as chief guests during the event

5.  Event Flow: Approx 45 minutes

 7. Approx 800+ volunteers/ambassadors would be joining for this cause from Institutes, Ngo's, Home guards, corporates etc.

More details on http://tinyurl.com/Halla Bol1